Keratex Hoofcare Products – The Keratex Hoofcare range has grown well over the years and still continues to expand with an ever-increasing global network of suppliers. The Keratex Hoofcare product range grows and develops by working through common problems and issues relating to horses’ hooves and finding solutions using experience, science and technical knowledge. Their products are farrier, rider and groom endorsed, and have been in several Olympic forges in the past two decades. They have worked closely with the UK’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), and America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on our products.

Keratex Hoofcare Products and Barefoot Trimming Supplies at Dairywalk who offer a comprehensive range of hoofcare products. For both barefoot trimming supplies and cattle trimming supplies. Since good care begins with prevention, and prevention is undoubtedly better than cure, we are here to help if you encounter issues such as Thrush, White Line Disease, Laminitis, or Bovine Digital Dermatitis (Mortellaro), among others.

At Dairywalk, we attentively listen to our customers and consider their experiences with hoof care for both horses and cows. Consequently, we have become customer-focused, developing solutions for various problems by leveraging the collective experiences of many.

Moreover, Farrier Supplies Ltd, a family business established in 1979, has consistently provided quality and service to our farriery customers over the past five decades. Additionally, for the past five years, we have extended the same ethos to

With a growing customer base in both the dairy and barefoot sectors, Dairywalk continues to go from strength to strength. Thus, if you need something that is not listed, please help us to assist you and your animals' feet by calling us.

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Keratex Hoofcare Products - Keratex 3P Hoof Repair
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