Are Hoofs your thing? If so, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the wonderful world of Dairywalk. This is a place where hopefully we can link you to the best available products that suit your needs and those of your animals hoofs.

This site is very much in its infancy, but the team and expertise behind it is not. Farrier Supplies Ltd was incorporated in 1979 and back then almost 45 years ago, there was nobody providing essential top quality products and service to the Farriers of Ireland. We have done exactly that since then and hope we are still improving. It is still a family run business and we have identified a post – Brexit need to provide Hoof Trimmers (cattle), Barefoot Trimmers, Horse Owners and Farmers with the same service enjoyed by Farriers in Ireland for more than four decades.

Please click on the area below that interests you to see the products we have to offer...

If there are no major Hoof problems you need to beat and just simply, solid ongoing care of your animals feet are a concern, we can help.

Good care is prevention, and prevention is better than cure.

If however Thrush, White line disease, Laminitis, Bovine Digital Dermititis (Mortellaro) and so many more possibilities could be concerning you, there is a chance we can help with that too!

We listen to our customers and take on board their experiences in all things hoof. This has lead us to become customer focussed and has helped us assist in a solution for one problem using the experiences of many.

Farrier Supplies ltd, a Kerckhaert partner, has enjoyed the world best affiliation when it comes to Horseshoes and all associated goods. Now we are delighted that Kerckhaert are bringing the Vettec Bovi -Bond range with the attention to quality and service as they have done with Farriery products for almost 120 years.


And of course, its not just online,

So you can pick up the phone or if you would like to touch , feel and look at the full range of products, why not pop down to the shop in Kildare, only 56 seconds from Junction 13 on the M7.
Trade Counter Opening hours 08:30-16:30 Mon-Fri. E-Mail

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